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Kronos is the current company I work for. I am a Lead UX Designer for Scheduling and Mobile related projects. I am also involved in another projects which I work most of the time with remote teams.

Kronos provides Workforce Management Solutions and it has thousands of customers world wide in different segments (Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail), so there are many challenges to face when thinking about what is the best user experience to delivery. Discuss with different teams (Project Managers, Architects, etc), understand problems, create concepts, flow charts, test with users are part of my routine.

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Bed Bath and Beyond

The project for BB&B (download presentation here) was developed as part of an exercise for one of my courses at McGill University (Diploma in Management - E-business). The object of this project was to evaluate the current situation of the company in what concern Web Marketing Strategies and make suggestions to improve the scenario.

The team realized that BB&B did not have an attractive e-commerce website, nor was it integrated with other channels, such as Twitter and Facebook. After analyzing some numbers and understanding their customers characteristics, some suggestions were made:

  • Improve the User Experience in their website
  • Integrate the website with other channels
  • Create new ways to communicate with their customers by sending newsletter including promotional content
  • Create a micro-site with a Wedding Contest to attract new customers and provoke noisy in the social medias.
Kronos iPad BBB Contest
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PMI Montreal

I had an opportunity to be volunteer for PMI for around 2 years. The mandate was to improve the user experience of their website and implement an e-commerce system which users could buy events (conferences, workshops, etc.). A new information architecture was elaborated with the team and then, wireframes.

All the areas of interest were rethought and repositioned. A new visual theme was also elaborated to match with the new guidelines provided by With this project I won the prize of the Volunteer of the year.

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I was involved in the Brome-Missisquoi project while working as a Webdesigner for Kindo Communication. The requirement was to have a website where users could easily get updated about everything that is happening in the region, but at the same time, make it easy to navigate and not look crowd.

The solution was to think the main areas of interest to display and give them an equivalent weight in the layout, while using light colour pallete to not overwhelming the users.

This project was very well received and won the prize Plume d’Or by the ACMQ for its contribution to the region.

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At Adopt (Kronos division), I had a chance to work with the UX team to create a workshop and act as a mediator. The goal of the workshop was to better understand the project, align the team, and create personas for their new suite.

Adopt is a company that helps airlines achieve operational efficiency, reduce operational costs while increasing crew-members' quality of life.

The Process

  • Understand the problem & Research

    Once the requirements are delivered, it’s important to understand what are the problems we are trying to solve. It is also important to garther as much information as possible about the project. During this phase, there are some studies that can be useful such as: Task Analysis, Benchmarking, Interviews, User Journeys.

  • Generate ideas & Explore concepts

    At this phase, the designer works as a mediator. Together, with the team (Marketing, Architect, Programmers, etc) the first ideas are elaborated. By keeping the team involved in the process, it helps to generate more ideas and assures that everybody has the same understanding of the project ("Mental Model").

    It is time to brainstorm, draw sketchs, wireframes, use Card Sorting techniques. It is time to innovate and think out of the box.

  • Prototype

    Once ideas are generated, discussed and some what refined, it is time to build prototypes. The project doesn’t need to be the final product. Rapid prototypes which contains small pieces of the project can be delivered to be tested and validated. This helps to have a general idea if the concepts are on the right path, or if they need to be re-visited.

  • Test & Interate

    With prototypes in hand or almost completed, it is time to test them. Different tests and validation can be done: by using heuristics, ISOs, and the best option: Users. It may happen that the UX team have access to a LAB to make the tests, but if not, invite some users, show some wireframes and ask them to think out loud. One person is better than none. It may happen that the idea is not that good or the interaction does not really work as expected. If it is the case, it is better to go back in the previous phases, otherwise, time to move forward.

    Note: It is very important to report all bad and good points and scale by them severity.

  • Refine and communicate

    Things are going pretty well. Results show that users are satisfied. All the use cases are tested and works! Time to finalize the small details and communicate to the team. It’s also time to polish the documentation for future reference, consistency and testing.



I have a bachelor in Social Communication (Marketing and Advertising Concentration), which I learned how to use Marketing Strategies, and a Certificate in Visual Communication Design, which I studied some disciplines such as: Ergonomics, Semiotics and HCI (Human Computer Interaction).

I studied Web Content Accessibility at Université de Montreal with one of the best teachers in the topic: Jean Marie D’amour.

Moreover, I started a Diploma in Management (Concentration in E-business) at McGill University, in which I learned more about Management and Web Marketing Strategies.

Currently, I am a Lead-UX-Designer at Kronos and I am taking a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering (Concentration in Software Ergonomics) at Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal.


Actualite Alimentaire
Brome Missisquoi .ca
PMI. Section de Montréal
Colegio Integral. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Unifacs University of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Pearson ERPI
Adopt. A Kronos division

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